Our Home Educating Adventures!

In our family we have special skills rather than special needs which impact upon how we live, love and learn; with one learning objective: happiness.

Scooby Doo Stretch Scooby

Leon is a massive Scooby Doo fan, he already has the haunted house and the mystery machine and loads of figures including glow-in-the-dark ones and monsters. When the opportunity came up to review the Stretch Scooby I put Leon’s name forward.  Scooby arrived today. He looks great in his lime green and orange box! Getting him out of it was… Read more →


My Elizabeth has a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism and she’s the reason we began our home eduction journey. She just couldn’t cope in school, the stress was affecting her mental health. Since my back operation and subsequent pain and mobility issues, Elizabeth’s needs haven’t been being met to my satisfaction.  She needs constant emotional support and intervention. She struggles… Read more →

Crafty goodies from Baker Ross

The kids were already excited for Halloween because our tickets arrived for the East Lancs Railway’s Halloween Scare Train and they were begging to get the box down so we could decorate the house when the latest super surprise box come from Baker Ross. Here’s a picture of Imogen  and Leon excitedly opening the box. Oona is busy jigsaw-ing in… Read more →

Things seem to be on the up

Hello again you guys! I am reporting in to let you know that I feel things are on the up! I wrote a post a few weeks ago that outlined how hopeless I was feeling about my back. Since then I’ve been taking a supplement called MSM which is available in a powder along with glucosamine tablets because they were… Read more →

Story of The Little Gentleman: The Boo Theatre

We were invited to The Boo Theatre again a couple of weeks ago, to see a new performance: Little Gentleman from The Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. Oona especially was really excited to go, since she had such a lovely time when we saw ‘Babies in Space’. I spent the morning lazing around and then, realising the house was a pig-sty… Read more →

Babies in Space! The Boo Theatre

Last weekend, Oona and I were invited along to The Boo Theatre to their ‘Babies in Space’ to join in the adventure of ┬ábaby Luna who has been lost by its Mama and needs to find its way home. We had an absolutely wonderful time. As you know, I have four children and they all take up lots of my… Read more →

To self-censor or be self-centred?

To self-censor or be self-centred? That is the question. This is my family blog. In the beginning I started the blog to document our home education journey. We’ve tried all kinds of methods and we’ve been on loads of trips and I’ve taken a million photographs and shared them here. I’m the Mum. There’s a Dad. We started off with… Read more →

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