Our Home Educating Adventures!

In our family we have special skills rather than special needs which impact upon how we live, love and learn; with one learning objective: happiness.

Babies in Space! The Boo Theatre

Last weekend, Oona and I were invited along to The Boo Theatre to their ‘Babies in Space’ to join in the adventure of  baby Luna who has been lost by its Mama and needs to find its way home. We had an absolutely wonderful time. As you know, I have four children and they all take up lots of my… Read more →

To self-censor or be self-centred?

To self-censor or be self-centred? That is the question. This is my family blog. In the beginning I started the blog to document our home education journey. We’ve tried all kinds of methods and we’ve been on loads of trips and I’ve taken a million photographs and shared them here. I’m the Mum. There’s a Dad. We started off with… Read more →

Ravensburger Horse Heaven Jigsaw Puzzle Review

My kids haven’t done a jigsaw for YEARS. They play on their tablets and the PC, their laptops, the xbox. They craft, they love crochet, knitting, reading, drawing etc but we’d forgotten about jigsaws. They are kinda basic aren’t they? They don’t make a noise, they aren’t exciting. wrong! When I was offered the review for a 300 piece puzzle… Read more →

Thank you Yellow Moon!

I’m gonna have a great Mother’s Day this year, and I have a feeling Grandma might do quite well too! Yellow Moon have sent us another big lovely box of surprises that the children will be able to do without help.     We were actually just setting off in the car to go to Legoland but I just couldn’t wait… Read more →

Teletubbies review!

Remember the box? The box we were forbidden to open?    Well we were finally allowed to open it today!      The purple tissue paper…      Was opened by Miss Oona and contained Tinky Winky! Tinky Winky is her favourite and she was delighted!     The red tissue paper parcel contained …  Po!          The yellow parcel?   You guessed it!… Read more →

Teletubbies Surprise!

I’ve got exciting news! We’ve been picked to review the latest range of Teletubbies toys by Character Options! I first watched Teletubbies with my little sister when she was a teeny tot  and then we watched it again when Elizabeth, now ten was a small one.  Now it’s Oona’s turn! Teletubbies doesn’t age, the show just has universal appeal for… Read more →

 Scrapghan with Russian join             

Before I got into crochet the children were keen on yarning for want of a better word: sticking yarn to paper, making pom-poms, finger knitting and weaving so I popped a request on Freegle and received quite a few small balls of odds and ends. I’ve since added to these because I started crocheting. I had a bit of a… Read more →

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