Frog in the pond! Frog in the garden!

We made a frog-pond a couple of years ago and we made the decision to let it naturally populate itself…we never seemed to get frog spawn, just lots of insects and poor little creatures drowning in the pond!

But today Elizabeth found a baby frog in the bushes near the pond!

This was a bit of a major event! I mean to you and me a couple of years is a pregnancy and a baby (:P) but to Elizabeth it’s like almost a quarter of her life!! She has looked and looked for a frog or even just signs of a frog in the pond but been disappointed time and again. This one was found in the bushes and it is obviously a couple of years old so they must just be really good at hiding!

Anyway I’ll quit blathering on: here’s the pictures!





If you would like to create your own frog pond it doesn’t need to be large, ours is smaller and shallower than a baby bath. Elizabeth and I dug the pond and it took us a loooong time! Our garden is full of bricks and stones and lumps of concrete from when the builders built ours and the surrounding houses. They only added the minimum amount of top soil and once we had dug through that it was pretty hard going. We also had to put sand underneath the plastic so that any sharp rocks wouldn’t rip the liner when we filled it with water. It wasn’t rocket science, though… we did cheat a teeny bit by stealing a bit of pond weed from the local park!

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