Asian sea bass

Before I start just remember I’m not a food blogger! Well I am becoming a food blogger but I don’t really want to be! ha ha! I’m just sharing my free from recipes with you in the hope that some desperate Mummy out there looking for nightshade, egg, dairy, gluten free food will think “Hooray! At last! Something I can feed my kids!”

So this is a Jamie Oliver recipe. It’s from the 15 minute meals book and when I looked for the linky for this post I realised I must’ve copied the recipe down wrong because mine doesn’t look like his! Still, mine tastes better than it looks. Here’s the recipe: Asian Sea Bass with Sticky Rice and Dressed Greens.

The first difference is I don’t do fish that look like fish! I get mine filleted in the supermarket. If they don’t have any on ice on display, they will fillet it for you if you ask. Best ask at the beginning of your shop, go get your other ingredients and come back because depending on the competence of the fish-monger it can take them a while!!

Another difference I’ve made is that his nibs says you should put the rice, coconut milk and boiling water in a pan with a LID. Well I don’t because it boils over EVERY TIME! And getting burnt on sticky coconut milk off the hob is a right old pain so no lid for us!!



See this stuff? This is the coriander I forgot to add! (Even after photographing it so beautifully for you!)

These are my sauces. Because we are gluten free I substitute Soy sauce for Tamari. Easy to find on the same isle as the soy sauce.

I broke my big food processor so this is me squidging everything into the diddy Kenwood processor I bought! Very cute for little bits of chopping!


Tadaaaaah! I wouldn’t win any awards for presentation, but believe me, it’s scrummy!

  3 comments for “Asian sea bass

  1. Katie Clark
    September 7, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    This looks scrummy. I love Sea Bass and am DEF trying this 🙂

    • Mel Bridge
      September 7, 2014 at 10:00 pm

      It is lovely! Im thinking about making double the dressing then freezing half so that I just have to add tasty ice cubes to the top of the fish then stick it in the oven.

      • Katie Clark
        September 7, 2014 at 10:04 pm

        That’s a brilliant idea! Just don’t use them to chill your wine by mistake!

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