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Lego and cousins!

I think I’ve told you we had a baby, haven’t I? My little sister made a really beautiful one a couple of months ago and they came over at the weekend to let me have a turn. Lego and cousins is the best way to spend your Sunday, I can assure you!  Of course I couldn’t cuddle Heidi without my… Read more →

The story of me and Paul

Shall I tell you a story? It’s a bit cute and romantic, I think. I’ll tell you the story of how me and Paul (Paul and I for you posh readers) got together. When I first met Paul I was pregnant with Elizabeth. My relationship of four years had failed miserably and a week before our wedding when I was… Read more →

Kangaroo Care: toddler

‘Kangaroo care’ is a term coined by professionals to describe the act of putting a neonate or newborn to the mother’s body ‘skin on skin’. It is practised by fathers too, but the emphasis is mostly on the mother due to it being linked to a positive breastfeeding relationship. It is known to stabilise heart rate, temperature, promotes physiological and… Read more →

Fast asleep baby

I just love sleeping baby pictures! Especially when the baby is mine ! Oona doesn’t stop! She hardly naps and she doesn’t sleep through, she is a little minx and always up to something! i think she is afraid to miss something. Seeing her asleep is lovely because it means ‘me time’ and ‘me and Paul time’ but it’s also… Read more →

Oops a mini-me!

I’ve made a little mini-me! Yes yes the Mister helped a bit (not much, but a bit!) Guess which picture is me! Of course you will spot it because you can tell it’s a picture of a picture but seriously, I’ve got four kids and just one of them is my twin! 🙂 Read more →

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