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Pork and apple braise

More recpie loveliness complete with out of focus shots of poorly presented but yummy food! So do you want the recipe? I’ve got a small problem because I can’t remember where I got it from so I can’t credit anyone. Suffice to say OF COURSE it isn’t mine! Basically you do this: Chop up your carrots and parsnips and boil… Read more →

Poached cod and peas

Due to my not eating chicken (and the girls copying me) I’ve been forced to look for other replacement chicken dishes and I’m falling back on fish quite often. I found a lovely poached fish recipe: Trim and slice 4 spring onions, put in a pan with 1tbsp olive oil. Trim 300g asparagus (or do as I do and totally… Read more →

Turkish Lamb Pilau

For this recipe I pretty much follow the original. Which can be found here we all like lamb (and actually prefer it to chicken since we got our chooks)!   I kind of double it though, because there’s six of us eating and I add pistachio nuts as well as almonds AND pine nuts (they say use almonds or pinenuts) because it’s… Read more →

Vega Testing

I discovered that our family are allergic and intolerant to various foods through Vega testing. It all started with Elizabeth. When she was about 12 months old she started having diarrhoea. It was really terrible, watery, acidic stuff that burnt her bottom and often missed the nappy entirely as it just ran down her legs. She got progressively worse until she… Read more →

Home made beefburgers

I said the other day I would let you have some of my recipes…now I am not a great cook, but the recipes are pretty good so hopefully you will make a better job of it than me!!   These home made beefburgers are free from wheat, egg, and nightshades because as a family we are allergic to these! The original… Read more →

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