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Elizabeth’s blog

Before starting her blog six months ago Elizabeth was thinking about blogging for a while. Infact the indecisiveness of aspies is another blog-post entirely!! Anyway, finally I took the decision out of her hands and set her up with a WordPress blog. I felt it would be educational and would give her an interest and maybe even help others. What I… Read more →

Art exhibition

I have already blogged about the children’s adventures in art with Nichola Cortese. Nichola organised an exhibition of the children’s work at the Copa House Cafe in Hebden Bridge in mid October with all the proceeds going to charity. My children were so thrilled by the fact that their work would be hung in public and that it was for… Read more →

Fun in Hebden Bridge

I know, I know! Another Hebden Bridge post! This time in the sunshine! Beautiful July Sunshine! We didn’t feed the ducks today, just said hello…but we went to the park instead!  Elizabeth was thrilled that she managed to get a pigeon to sit on her hand           On the park!            Oona’s very favourite park-ride… Read more →

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