Category: Indoor play

Lego and cousins!

I think I’ve told you we had a baby, haven’t I? My little sister made a really beautiful one a couple of months ago and they came over at the weekend to let me have a turn. Lego and cousins is the best way to spend your Sunday, I can assure you!  Of course I couldn’t cuddle Heidi without my… Read more →

 Yellow moon star mosaic magic wands                                                                   

I love Yellow Moon because the kids can just get on with the craft on their own whilst I catch  up on cleaning or blogging or put my feet up with a cuppa… and we were sent some lovely Yellow Moon star wands through the post to make. Here’s the children’s craft session photographed by the children.  I think this… Read more →

Independent craft

I don’t helicopter parent generally…but I do freak out with the aprons and newspaper where paint is involved! The kids have recently started totally ignoring this however and wait until  I am out of the house or in the shower or something and then totally take advantage by getting loads of craft out! They look at me beseechingly and say… Read more →

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