Category: Sensory Processing Disorder

Elizabeth’s blog

Before starting her blog six months ago Elizabeth was¬†thinking about blogging for a while. Infact the indecisiveness of aspies is another blog-post entirely!! Anyway, finally I took the decision out of her hands and set her up with a WordPress blog. I felt it would be educational and would give her an interest and maybe even help others. What I… Read more →

What’s in a label?

There’s this argument I keep having online. Argument is a bit of a strong word, I suppose…but I always end up drawn in to answering a common question. People often disagree with me and although I can see their point of view I still put my point across. So that’s kind of arguing, right? The question that draws me in… Read more →

Heavy work: spd

‘Heavy work’ can be really good for kids with sensory processing disorder: it gives the child important proprioceptive input because it involves resistance and input to the muscles and joints, making the child aware of their position in space and increases their ability to concentrate and decreases defensiveness. It helps them organise their emotions, nervous system and their response to… Read more →

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