Category: Parenting Strategies

Teaching the kids about having their own ‘Tribe’

There’s a Facebook ‘meme’ that does the rounds every now and again. I like it. Try as I might I can’t attribute it to anyone, but here it is: When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of “Me too!” be sure to treasure them because those weirdos are your tribe. I… Read more →

What’s in a label?

There’s this argument I keep having online. Argument is a bit of a strong word, I suppose…but I always end up drawn in to answering a common question. People often disagree with me and although I can see their point of view I still put my point across. So that’s kind of arguing, right? The question that draws me in… Read more →

Icky Sticky Kids in Hebden Bridge

We went along to Icky Sticky kids last week, and we had a blast! Oona went in her training pants and kept them dry, Woohoo! and whilst she was quite careful and considered in her play, preferring to play in the water than the messy stuff, Leon went mad and came home looking like he’s been an extra in a… Read more →

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