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Oona’s first ride

Aw look what I found hiding in my drafts folder! I was going to share these pictures with you and forgot! Yes she is wearing lipstick…I could’ve kissed her but since it’s quite a neat job she had probably begged me for some! I don’t make a habit of dolling my toddler up for a trip to the supermarket, I… Read more →

What’s in a label?

There’s this argument I keep having online. Argument is a bit of a strong word, I suppose…but I always end up drawn in to answering a common question. People often disagree with me and although I can see their point of view I still put my point across. So that’s kind of arguing, right? The question that draws me in… Read more →

Kangaroo Care: toddler

‘Kangaroo care’ is a term coined by professionals to describe the act of putting a neonate or newborn to the mother’s body ‘skin on skin’. It is practised by fathers too, but the emphasis is mostly on the mother due to it being linked to a positive breastfeeding relationship. It is known to stabilise heart rate, temperature, promotes physiological and… Read more →


Ah look at my pirate-babies! Imogen and Leon have played pirates aat least three times a week for the past YEAR but since we went to The Sea-life Centre and they bought some new outfits and other props they have a renewed enthusiasm and a new recruit 🙂            Oona is actually extremely dangerous with a sword and knows how… Read more →

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