Introducing the Bridge Family

I am Melanie Bridge and I’m a home educating mother of four children. I blog about our home education and our adventures as a family: our day-trips, the children’s learning, play and development, our interests such as crochet and craft, our parenting strategies, the rescue chickens we adopted and much more! I have written lots of posts about Aspergers and Sensory Processing disorder, you will also find links to the children’s blogs and reviews of products we have been sent and of products I bought and liked. As a family we are allergic to quite a few foods so I have written a few free-from recipe posts in the past.

Hopefully you will be able to find the things you are interested in through my many categories at the top of the home page, we are a very busy family with lots of diverse interests and my busy blog reflects this!


Meet the family:

This is me!

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I’m an ex teacher (secondary English) and I am a very creative person. I can draw and paint, I crochet, I am learning to machine sew and like to try my hand at lots of different things. I am a bit of a home-body these days and I keep rescue chickens. I enjoy teaching the children and seeing them blossom and grow into confident happy people has been the real joy of my life. I had quite an unhappy and lonely life until I had Elizabeth and met Paul. My family are everything to me.

This is my husband Paul


We’ve been married ten years and I know it’s corny to say it but they have been the happiest of my life. He is a counsellor and psychologist, and a very private person so I don’t write about him often on the blog…he just gets the odd mention here and there!

My eldest child is Elizabeth



She is ten years old and really enjoys being upside down! She is extremely bright and funny, she loves to tell knock knock jokes and play pranks. She has an amazing memory and has a pet rat. She would really like a cat but Paul is allergic to them so she will have to wait until she grows up! She wants to have a small-holding and be a vet (but only for her own animals, no one elses!) Elizabeth has High Functioning Autism (Aspergers) and Sensory Processing Disorder and writes her own blog which I link to quite often on my blog.



Imogen (9) is a force to be reckoned with, she is my friend and she is the glue that holds everyone together. She is inseparable from Leon, is a second mother to Oona, she sits with me watching old Doris Day movies and crocheting. She helps Elizabeth a lot socially, being her strongest ally and advocate. She is a lot like her Dad, being able to easily work people out and help them but unlike her Dad she is quite the social butterfly! She is a kind child, if one of the others drops their lolly she will give them hers in a heartbeat! But woah does she have a temper! 😉 She has a vlog called Midge: As it is! which she updates regularly with reviews of toys and trips she’s been on and occasionally she will have a rant about something she feels strongly about.



Leon is 6 and loves anything Super-hero! His favourite is The Flash, who is faster than fast and protects his family. Leon talks about protecting his family and looking after us all the time. He enjoys going to Legoland and playing with his Imaginext sets. He likes to play ‘pirates’ endlessly with Imogen. He is a terrible wind-up, doing things like finding annoying songs on YouTube and playing them relentlessly until the girls are screaming! He drives his go-kart really fast up and down the cul-de-sac and his favourite colour is red. He is very proud of his red hair and keeps it long. All his heroes have long hair including pirates, Vikings and of course his Dad.



Oona is two and is my last baby. She has been determined to NOT be a baby since birth, always striving to keep up with the other children. She is definitely one of the gang! She is the most feisty, determined and irrepressible people I have ever met! She was telling me she needed a poo and doing it on the toilet or potty at five months, dry in the day at 14 months, walked at ten months… I struggle to remember her as a tiny helpless baby, to me she has always been this dynamic and decisive person! The kids adore her and will do anything for her, she loves the chickens and playing out, loves her blanket and her thumb and her wellies and sunglasses. Watch out, this child is formidable !


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  1. February 15, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    What a lovely family! I look forward to following your adventures 🙂

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