Imogen was diagnosed with Idiopathic Adolescent Scoliosis in October 2017. I had ordered her some crop-tops and she was trying them on. There was a bow stitched in the middle at the front and it was off to the side. I tugged the crop top to the right and she wriggled…and the bow went off to the left again. She… Read more →

Gazillion Bubbles!

This week we received a wonderful giant bubble wand from Gazillion bubbles to test out.   It was perfect timing because as you can see from the state of my house behind Imogen we had family over this weekend. It was Elizabeth and Leon’s birthdays and everyone came over with gifts and to watch them blow their candles out. It… Read more →

Ravensburger puzzle fun

This week we were lucky, Oona was selected to receive and review a super cute new puzzle from Ravensburger. There are four puzzles in the box and it is absolutely perfect for Oona who is doing lots of sorting and building at the moment. She loves stacking, threading, building and jigsawing! This particular one is designed by Rachel Ellen Designs.… Read more →

Advent Day 18

Sheesh it’s been noisy here this morning! The ox today. Imogen’s turn. And whoopee cushions!! Imogen didn’t want to be on the picture today. Look at my living room. What a tip! I think today is a tidy up day and I might force everyone to watch Die Hard after Oona is in bed.  And maybe roast chicken for tea… Read more →

Advent Days 16 and 17

Ooopsie! It’s busy busy here! Today is 17th and they forgot to do the Advent! It was ballet this morning and it was a rush. Day 16 Yet another sheep. Terrible picture but she climbed into the sack! Tattoos! All kinds of temporary tattoos in different designs including pirate, princess, monsters and fishes! Very exciting stuff! Can’t wait for Christmas,… Read more →

Advent Day 15

Imogen’s turn today  The innkeeper! Told you it would get exciting! There he is with his arm missing (he used to hold up a lantern) waiting to tell poor Mary there’s no room in his Inn.  Not many gifts left in the bag now. A packet of haribo and a drum stick lolly for breakfast? Don’t mind if we do!… Read more →

Advent Day 14

Leon’s turn Another king.  I love the Kings.  They have little surprised mouths!  Leon chose the fattest heaviest gift in the bag. Plasticine! They all love plasticine. The big kids make those stop-motion films and Oona happily trampled it in all the carpets.  Lots of fun for all. Elizabeth didn’t want her picture taken today. Me and Paul were talking… Read more →

Advent Day 13 Bang-poppers

Today it was Miss Oona’s turn to open a door. It was another marvellous camel. And today’s lucky dip prize … Party poppers! I don’t know what possessed me to buy party poppers in the supermarket! Oona calls them Bang-poppers which I personally feel is a much better name! Buying them wasn’t my finest idea. The kids love them as… Read more →

Advent Day 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

How the hell did that happen? We are about to turn the Advent calendar around! Day 8 The little campfire for the Shepherd And Loom bands! The other summer the kids went Loom band crazy but they haven’t done them for a long time so I thought they would like these.  The blur that is Oona has got a Strawberry… Read more →