Bolton Abbey

We went to Bolton Abbey. It was a really beautiful day!






Hilariously Elizabeth managed to catch a fish in her net… at first I believed she had caught it (as did she) but upon further inspection the fish had been caught and tossed back in prior to our arrival!!!


Little Oona napped on the picnic blanket wrapped in her new little blanket.



Her little silver bangle has her name engraved on it: Oona Wren and a little bird.


I bought seriously the most beautiful blanket I’ve ever seen! Knitted with a crocheted edge and flowers. Totally Oona Wren




I’m afraid there aren’t any pictures of Imogen because she forgot her swimsuit…it was either knickers or nudist so she just played in the water in her undies 🙂





Daddy helping the kids catch sticklebacks…he won’t beat Elizabeth’s haul!


The long and winding road…you would think they would be worn out by all their play and the fun we had but they race up and down the path (and steps) fifteen times for our once!


The long walk back to the car!




Bolton Abbey is a wonderful family day out…we almost never look at the Abbey itself because we are too busy playing in the water but that is a beautiful ruin. When we do the kids clamber over the walls and play on the grass, picking wild-flowers and cart-wheeling and hand-standing!

There’s a church too which is beautiful and there are curator-types who are very knowledgeable about the history of the Abbey and the priory itself. My kids had loads of questions and the answers really just broached further questions along the reformation of the monasteries line but we will return to it in depth at a later date because we just finished Romans and it isn’t really in sequence to jump to Henry VIII just yet!

You should seriously go and see for yourself. It isn’t far from our beloved Skipton Castle…there’s so much to see in Yorkshire!



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