Spring Garden Plans

So I’ll have to tell you about books and music lessons another day because it’s Spring time, nearly Summer and the children have been outside for a couple of weeks now and I am getting on with the garden and creating wonderful spaces for them to play and things for them to do.

You may remember that we tried growing veggies pea pods, I made a frog pond a couple of years ago: Elizabeth’s postMy post about the bloodworm in the pond, and have had success in attracting wildlife to the garden: Violet Gound Beetle,we grew our own plants from seed: and made our own window shelves and we are constantly on the look out for plants being given away on Freegle, but during my pregnancy with Oona and post birth I’d not done much out there.

I have super plans for the garden this year: First of all I’ll show you a picture of the garden as it is:

I did have a go at annotating the picture on ‘Skitch’ but I’m afraid I messed that up so I’ll just have to describe areas of the garden…I’ll also use pictures taken by Elizabeth and Imogen in order to show in more detail what we’ve done.

If you look at the top left of the main garden picture (taken from our living room window which is on the second floor so you can tell how high the garden is!!!) you might just see the roof of the den. It is behind the leylandii. I asked the neighbour’s gardener, Carl, to come and strim the garden for me and trim back a couple of the bigger shrubs when he saw some pallets I’d picked up from Freegle and asked what they were for. I explained I was going to make some shelters with them but I’d been too busy. He finished the strimming then stayed all day turning the pallets into a superb den 🙂 He wouldn’t accept any payment saying he’s had a lovely day. It was so touching.
Here are some close-ups taken by Imogen:

Isn’t it fab? It is covered in some plastic stuff (has a name that escapes me) that I got off Freegle and Carl very kindly brought some rush fencing stuff to go over the top to make it even more secret! I’ve ordered a periscope to go inside and I’ve got some hessian to make a door with. I got the kids collecting sticks and tied them up to make stars (or pentagrams I suppose) and we have hung them around and about the garden for some natural decoration.

At the back of the den you might just be able to see a Buddha head:

another kind donation from Carl 🙂 The children told him how Elizabeth is a Buddhist.
Top right of the garden you should see a small nest box and some Laurel bushes. The nest box has been recently moved. It was in the bird feeding area but last year some bumble bees moved in (we had blue tits in there the year before) so I thought it might be better out of the way this year. I want to encourage insects but better if the bees are away from the kids.

This is the bird feeding area. It’s also where the fairies live 🙂

Behind the laurel bushes (near that nest box, top right corner is our frog pond. It looks like a puddle in a bin bag…I need to pretty it up a bit (it’s on my list of jobs) but it does have lots of wildlife and frogs! 🙂

It has sticks in it and even a brick! But the children tell me that’s to help the frogs get in and out…so I’d better be careful when I go improving it to better suit my very grown-up view of things. The kids think it’s perfect as it is!

In the middle of the top slope is (as of this morning) a flower bed. That was a veg patch but after I spent about a week digging it (a couple of years ago) and then painstakingly planting veggies with Imogen, all the neighbourhood cats jumped in there and scratched up the plants and replaced all our hard work with poop. Me and Imogen were cross…and I said we wouldn’t be attempting veggies again. I know, I know, a defeatist attitude! Ok then, I might do peas. But in the meantime, we’ve planted pretty flowers.

The children chose all of the flowers in the garden 🙂
Below the flower bed (to the left) is the beginning of the steps up to the little house. Carl dug them out last week and I showed the children how to make a mosaic step by finding stones and setting them into the soil:

all the children on the street have been helping my kids find suitable stones and donating them for the steps. It’s very cute.

On the left in front of the swing set stapled to the fence is our weaving wall:

I saw this: weaving wall TTS which was £12.99 and didn’t want to pay that. I also didn’t want 10m of ORANGE mesh. So I got on Amazon and found a seller and spent £3 on 2 metres. Pretty chuffed with that!

We made a mobile:

This has turned out to be really useful because when we go out and about I come home with pockets full of cones and seed-pods that the children have collected and they don’t want me to throw them away. It’s been fab to be able to give them some string and have them go add them to the mobile. They are really proud of it.
I’ve got loads more to tell you, but I’m going to *try* and come back and post more. We are replacing the swings, installing a slide and climbing ropes into the embankment and creating a bubble station and water wall complete with pulley and water wheel, hopefully! I’m also waiting on the tent pegs and rope for my tarpaulin shelters.
Back soon x

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  1. April 27, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    I just love your garden, its true that as an adult you have an idea of what is pretty, then your children do their own thing and it is just so much more haphazard but infinitely more beautiful. I have to stop myself interfering all the time! Keep it up x

  2. April 27, 2014 at 9:16 pm

    Love the pics, flowers and well all of it. Enjoy your garden space! Thank you for sharing!

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