Two metres of hessian and a periscope!

So today I put a door on the little hidey hole!

I ordered hessian because it lets light in whilst protecting the children from prying eyes!

As usual I had grown-up ideas about how the door would work: I was going to make two triangles of hessian with a slit up the middle (teepee style) so that they could go in and out easily. Maybe with some tie-backs….

But no! My children didn’t want that!!

Elizabeth wanted it stapled all the way around! It has a hole cut in for the periscope to poke through and it is at child-height so that they can identify the visitor before they admit them to the hide-out 🙂
To get out it is necessary to crawl under!
If you look carefully there’s a Y shaped strong stick in front of the door. This can hold up the material if needed!
We also had a snail funeral today. Elizabeth loves snails and had caught two and patiently waited for them to come out of their shells. She was in the middle of officiating the snail-race when the neighbour’s kid came over and stamped on her favourite. She was pretty gutted. Especially when she realised that it wasn’t quite dead and had to make the difficult decision to end his/her suffering. She buried him in the strawberry patch, lay some flowers and caught a handful more snails to attend the funeral.
Before the snail’s untimely demise!
The grave!

The Periscope was from Just outdoor Toys . The customer service is second-to-none and they price-match aswell.

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