Baby Massage

Our little family got all excited to receive a video from to review this week.

Our take on the video is probably very different to other people’s since Oona doesn’t just have ‘mummy and me’ time…all the children wanted to have a turn at doing the techniques demonstrated in the video!

I put the video on and watched it for myself first and then we got Oona a towel and lay her down. Of course she is 11 months old now so at first she wanted to be off…

there she is refusing to relax!!

but she soon realised that it feels pretty nice to be massaged and she submitted!

Laughing when I did the leg jiggle!

We found that because of the general eagerness of the children to be involved it worked well to have two of the children massaging at once (very gently obviously) but by this point everyone was too greasy to take pictures!

Whilst the video is designed to be used to calm baby and for bonding between mother and child, I like to encourage the children to massage each other because I think it promotes bonding and loving, kind hands. Another thing is that Elizabeth doesn’t much like hugs and touch in general (unless the hug is from me or her Dad) due to her Aspergers so this promotes touching with purpose for her enabling her to bond with her siblings.

We loved the video and would recommend it.

Thanks Helen for letting us have a free copy! 🙂


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