Skipton Castle in the warm sunshine!

Here’s another of my many Skipton Castle posts! In this one I will try and point you in the direction of all the others and explain to you why it is truly special to us.

Skipton Castle is aproximately 900 years old and is one of the most beautifully preserved Medieval castles in England. It can be found in North Yorkshire, THE most beautiful place in the whole World! (Now don’t argue with me, it’s my blog and I can say what I like!)


For a few lovely pictures of the castle grounds you can check out this link here The Yew tree in the centre of the courtyard is 350 years old and was planted by Lady Anne Clifford who restored the castle after the civil war.


Photo credit: Skipton Castle website

Of course we don’t appreciate the history of the place as much as we probably should, we take for granted the beauty and the history and simply appreciate the  peace and the calm it affords us!

The children mainly just charge about whilst Paul and I drink elderflower water or cups of tea and coffee and relax! It’s a really wonderful place because there’s so much space for them to roam and the staff there know the children very well so we know that they won’t be taken by a stranger: the staff would recognise them immediately as they were leaving the grounds. Not only that, there are two walled gardens with beautiful mowed lawns where they can play, roll about and do cartwheels to their hearts content. Usually we avoid play-areas and child-centred attractions during the holidays and at the weekend because due to home educating we can do those attractions mid-week so we don’t have to queue but we don’t have to avoid the castle. Even at its busiest it is never heaving with people.


The Castle often hosts some fantastic re-enactment events and we always try and make it to these. Take a look at the website of one of the best re-enactment groups we’ve seen there: Trayned Bandes. And have a look at this post I wrote when the Historia Normannis group came! The staff and the people who come to do the re-enactments have so much knowledge up their sleeves that when the children do have a question they quickly get answers. They have learned so much!  There’s so much to see in all seasons. In the autumn we collect birch seed pods and leaves, sticks and other marvellous things. Even in the rain we can always have a game of “What Time is it Mr Wolf?” in the main hall.

Just around the corner there are canal trips where you get a different view of the castle from a barge. The canal runs alongside the castle (there’s even a toilet in the castle which empties into the canal) and the man who drives it (do you drive barges or sail them??) has lots of local history he shares with the passengers.

But today we were not bothered with any of that. We just wanted to enjoy the sunshine!

crochet skipton
Elizabeth brought her crocheting and sat with me on the grass making her blanket for her doll. A great way to keep her focussed in the car as well, helps her stay regulated since reading in the car makes her feel sick. She finds it easier to cope in an enclosed space (with others) when she has something to distract her.
My beautiful Imogen!
skipton castle
Skipton Castle
Skipton Castle
She was determined to get that hat off!
Great Hall Skipton Castle
Running around in The Banqueting Hall
Skipton Castle

A wonderful day. I can’t honestly think of a day spent at the castle when it wasn’t wonderful! You watch…we will win the lottery and buy that castle one day!! ha ha

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