Slide, swing and ropes!

Since I last posted I’ve taken delivery of a new swing nest…

This is the one we had originally…the children really love the nest swings that you get in the play areas at places like Brockholes and Martin Mere so I decided to replace the two swings with this:
We’ve had the blue baby swing on there since Leon (now 5) was a baby…and the red swing is a bit pants because the children’s bottoms slip off it as they swing…obviously now we have Oona I was thinking along the lines of keeping the blue swing but she is totally terrified of all swings (I’ve never had a baby so scared of swinging, she physically shakes even on my knee on a swing!) so my thinking was that the nest will allow all the kids to swing at once and also because I’m not one for allowing my children to stay scared of things they shouldn’t be scared of, I thought the nest swing would allow me to get my big bum on there with Miss Oona.
I also bought this slide and climbing net:
The slope doesn’t look half as steep as it is! The picture (taken by Elizabeth) doesn’t do it justice. It’s pretty scary (and squelchy!)
We used to have a traditional slide which stood on the flat section of garden but it took up loads of space and because the garden isn’t completely flat it was a it wobbly. This slide is designed for embankment play (better to embrace the negative bits of garden than fight against it in my opinion!) and it is secured with screws to  two fence posts which are concreted into the ground. The scramble net is a hit but I really need to do something about the ground underneath. It is boggy as that section of garden gets very little light. I’m thinking either a section of fake grass or some of that plastic stuff you find on car parks which allows the grass to grow through. Another issue is that the trampoline is parked at the bottom of the slide (Yay! for Mummy thinking that one through!!) so we need to move it out of the way.
I got a couple of these knotted ropes, one helps the kids climb up the steep slope to the bird area so they can put seed in the feeders, and the other leads up to the frog pond. Both are secured with screws through fence posts that are concreted in.
I bought all this wonderful stuff from and they’ve not paid me or given me discount to write this…In fact I called them to tell them I was blogging about them and they don’t even do social media! 🙂 If you are after anything for the garden I would recommend though, they have totally wonderful customer service, quick delivery and also they price-match.

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