Baby tantrums! Isn’t 13 months too soon?

My baby is struggling! She is a busy little person. She has opinions-lots of them! She wants to be like the older kids and can’t quite keep up. She tries and they make efforts to include her but at the moment she is just a ball of frustration.

She’s been walking since ten months so she is quite adept at climbing now, she can dance, climb up onto the settee, climb onto our TV cabinet, open cupboards that house wires and chargers, she eats TV remotes … And when we say ‘no’ to any of these things she throws herself down on the floor with no regard for her own safety and she throws a tantrum. Shouting, arms flailing, legs kicking! Usually as well as being angry at being told ‘no’ she is hurt because she will have whacked her head or other body part on her way to the ground.

I go pick her up and she curls into me with her thumb in, one of the children will bring her blanket and she has 45 seconds of being the baby that she secretly is before climbing down to become the toddler again ready to throw another tantrum about something else within five minutes.

She’s wonderful and intelligent, spirited and mobile which is why she’s having tantrums at such an early age. Whilst I wouldn’t change that, she’s not happy at the moment and I need to fix it.

I put an ‘aaaarrrrghhh’ post on Facebook the other day after her 57th tantrum of the morning and I got a some fantastic responses from my lovely friends including offering more ‘yes’ opportunities and sensory play ideas.

My sister is a childminder and ex nursery nurse and came up with a lovely play idea: a tray with ice cubes and cups and saucers. I loved it! Sensory play that won’t make a mess!

sensory tantrums
Sensory play soon stopped toddler tantrums!


Oona loved it too! She played without even one tantrum for an hour and a half! ┬áIt’s just shown me that I’ve babied her too much. I rely on the other children to include her in their games and they do!! but it’s been a long time since I mothered a wee one and I forgot just how much they love exploring sensory experiences. Keep your eyes peeled and I’ll post some more sensory opportunities as I think of them.

Please let me know if you think of anything!


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