Sock monkeys and ‘Pato’

Oona loves ‘Pocoyo’. It is a cartoon series featuring a little toddler and his friends. It is narrated by Stephen Fry and is a very gentle programme. When I want to use the loo or some such and I ask the older children to baby-sit for a few minutes, the ‘No TV between 9-4’ rule is relaxed and they sit and watch Pocoyo with her.

Here’s a youtube video of it for you to see if you like.

Well here’s where my little story starts:

Imogen, Leon and Elizabeth have got sock monkeys and a sock giraffe that Santa brought one year

chickens etc 102

Photographs in this post are Imogen’s


Imogen realised that Oona didn’t have one so whilst Leon and I were out picking up chickens Imogen set herself up with her sewing kit and a sock (in one of the tyres in the garden) to make a sock creature for Oona. I’m quite sure her impulse to make a ‘Pato’ shaped sock creature ¬†was based entirely on the fact that the sock she found was yellow!! But I am soooo impressed with her!




Oona’s sock Pato:


chickens etc 117 chickens etc 107


A picture of her work-station

chickens etc 062

You can see her little sewing box nestled in the middle tyre! She was sat in the next one along

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