Cosy corner!

Oona gets bored! She gets bored quickly so I have to be one step ahead of her all the time or we have toddler tantrums and climbing and all kinds! Today she was up to no good (and tired, but it was almost lunch time so I didn’t want her to sleep) so I made her a very quick tent complete with blankets and a roof pegged above her with the pegs given to us by Elizabeth Jarman.


As usual my photography skills are pretty crappy, but I think you get the idea!! I used these cushions which are pretty good, they have velcro edges and can stick to each other to make a very small soft space for a small child to climb into. I used those up against the book case so that the books didn’t  dig in! I have another squishy mat I used as a base: Ikea bench pad which has been great for squishing into all kinds of places. It lives permanently next to the bookcase in between the books and the settee so that people can sit in between and be snug, cosy, quiet and out of view.

IMG_2026  Peepo!


You can see here that she’s squidged in between the books and the settee. It kept her busy for at least 15 minutes! Now that’s good going! 🙂

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