Home made beefburgers

I said the other day I would let you have some of my recipes…now I am not a great cook, but the recipes are pretty good so hopefully you will make a better job of it than me!!


These home made beefburgers are free from wheat, egg, and nightshades because as a family we are allergic to these! The original recipe is here: the recipe is  not actually Jamie Oliver, but was submitted by a follower of his website. I changed the recipe because I have to make more of them! But I also tweaked it to suit us.

I cut up a full pack of dry cure streaky bacon into little pieces and fry with a chopped red onion until the bacon is nicely cooked. I then add a couple of tsps Dijon mustard. I tip 2x500g packs of Aberdeen Angus mince into a bowl, break it up a bit and stir in my bacon/onion/mustard mix. I add about 3 tbsps of cornflour to this, mixing well.


I then make little balls out of the mixture and sort of squish them down a bit with the back of a spoon into a frying pan. I make them quite small I suppose, but I have little kids who eat them…I could do with buying one of these but I haven’t gotten round to it yet!

Anyway, here’s a pic of my little ones in the pan:



I always slightly over cook them. I am a terrible cook! But I worry that because they are like little balls, they might be raw in the middle. Plus I am impatient and usually late making tea so I have the heat up too high:


IMG_2034 Feeding the 5000!



A bit of mayo and mustard disguises the fact that they are slightly over-cooked! You will notice I have egg-free mayo there…the Tiger Tiger one is available in Tesco and whilst it is by no stretch of the imagination better than Helmans, it is better than all the others I’ve tried. Obviously Oona and I can’t have the tomato sauce.

IMG_2037  IMG_2036


But Oona doesn’t care!!

Oona has normal bread as she isn’t allergic to wheat. Elizabeth and I have Dietry Specials Ciabatta rolls  which are not bad if you can remember to sprinkle with water and put on a baking sheet to warm for a few minutes before it is time to eat them. Serve with salad!

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