Birth mark or Angel kiss?

I am absolutely covered in freckles. I tell people I have ‘ginger skin’ because ginger hair runs in the family but actually I have dark hair…not as dark as my pictures, naturally, I colour it as I went prematurely grey years ago but I have the ginger skin, ginger sisters and a ginger son. When my girls were little and they asked about them I told them they were ‘sun kisses’ (well it sounds better than sun-damage, right?) Then when they got bigger I explained about melanin and about people’s skin colour etc but I always liked my original, more romantic reason for freckles.

Oona was born with a little brown freckle on her arm which is very cute and one night I was breast-feeding her we were chatting away (well I was and she was looking at me, listening intently to everything with her little frowny face) and I told her she had a mark on her arm. It occurred to me to tell her it was a ‘sun-kiss’ but of course she’d been born with it so it wasn’t caused by the sun so I told her it was an angel kiss and that before the angels had sent her to me they’d given her a kiss and there it was!

I’ve told her the story (or variations of it) lots of times and now when one of us asks her, “Where’s your angel kiss, Oona?” She pulls up her sleeve and shows the little mark on her arm.



Do  you tell stories to your kids about why the World is the way it is or how they came to be? Were your children sent from heaven just for you or did you find them in the cabbage patch? 🙂



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