Poached cod and peas

Due to my not eating chicken (and the girls copying me) I’ve been forced to look for other replacement chicken dishes and I’m falling back on fish quite often. I found a lovely poached fish recipe:

Trim and slice 4 spring onions, put in a pan with 1tbsp olive oil. Trim 300g asparagus (or do as I do and totally forget about weighing stuff and just stick the whole packet in), 1tsp plain flour (as we are gluten free I used rice flour) and 300ml milk (I used unsweetened coconut milk but I’m sure any unsweetened milk would be fine) Add 200g spinach, s&p and simmer.
If you can eat spuds I’d get them on at this point however I boiled up some basmati rice.

Then pop your fish in a medium pan (I used my frying pan) cover with water and simmer for 6 minutes. (Well that’s what the recipe said but I forgot to check the time so I just made sure they were cooked through!)

Ta dah!



Cod and peas

This was one the kids all loved! They all (except Oona) rejected the asparagus…but the next time I make it they might eat it, you never know!

PS I would credit whoever it was I got the recipe from but I can’t remember what book it was…plus I changed it anyway so perhaps they won’t want to be credited with my cooking! ha ha

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