Goodbye Baby Connecta :(

I’ve worn my babies since moving to Rossendale. When I used to live in Bolton I had prams. I had a Graco travel system for Elizabeth to be replaced by a Phil and Ted’s three wheeler for Elizabeth and Imogen. Both prams were great in their own ways, I used them for everything, but living in a large town ‘everything’ meant trips to the shops and to ball pools etc rather than walking anywhere. When I found out I was pregnant with Leon I went mad and decided on a Bugaboo…after he was born I bought a Bugaboo in Paul Frank colours. This was because he was a beautiful little ginger baby and I thought the green colour offset his hair beautifully!


Now the girls will be jealous because I included a picture of Leon but not them! Ah well! Shortly after buying this gorgeous pram (I won’t get back what I bought it for when I can finally be bothered to get it out of the loft and put it on eBay) we moved to Rossendale (2009) and experienced the first ‘REAL’ Winter I could remember since when I was a kid. There was always snow in the olden days … these days there’s not much of it about!

We were snowed in. Properly snowed in. We couldn’t get the car off the drive, on a few occasions it was a couple of feet deep. It was like bloody Narnia and I started to slowly lose my marbles! Elizabeth was in Reception and Imogen was at Nursery at the time and I needed to get them there each day. I couldn’t push Leon in the pram but he was too big to carry so I bought a Patapum baby carrier and never looked back! I carried him EVERYWHERE and we both really loved the closeness.

Paul’s attempt to be hilarious telling me to stand beneath the ‘These Animals will BITE’ sign!


I stole Paul’s fleece to keep us warm!

When I had Oona the Patapum was not suitable for her as it was a toddler carrier I’d bought and I needed one I could use from birth. So I went for the Connecta. I totally loved it. Right from the first time I used it. Oona and I have been as one since she was born. Everywhere we went she was there, stuck to me like a piece of Bostick and she was content to feed in it, sleep in it, join in with the other kids’ conversations, chat to me, she even managed to enjoy the fireworks last year because close to me in the Connecta she obviously felt totally safe.

oona connecta oona connecta2 oona connecta3 oona connecta4

The pattern I picked was ‘Birds of Norway’ and we just loved it.

Baby Wearing helped Oona with something else: at her newborn check she had clicky hips and was referred to the hospital for a scan to rule out hip dysplasia. Now I think you know me well enough by now to know that 1) I don’t want any kid of mine in a hospital for anything if i can help it and 2) I like to question authority but 3)my kids are the most important things in my life and I would never put them at risk…

so I researched hip dysplasia and contacted the charity to find out what exactly it was and how I could help. It turns out the ball and sockets in little kids are kind of weak…the ball often isn’t properly in the socket because the socket itself forms through movement. The way they often treat babies with hip dysplasia is to put the child’s lower half in a cast with their legs abducted and a bar between their legs keeping them apart. The lady on the ‘phone explained that years ago the advice in the first instance was to put two terry nappies on the child and this would abduct the legs enough to help the ball and socket to form correctly. I asked would baby-wearing help, and she said yes it would as long as I carried her correctly. So I had her tummy to me, with her legs apart and her knees up in a frog position. I wore her all the time. A few weeks before she was due to go for the scan I took her back to the GP who checked her legs and they were no longer clicky. She was fixed! We cancelled the appointment! Yay! for Baby wearing!

It was a sad day when we went to Skipton Castle for Imogen’s birthday and I ended up carrying Oona in the Connecta all day and bent down to pick something up and something else went ‘pop’. It was my back! I’ve tried to wear her since and have ended up in pain each time. So that’s the end of that 🙁

I bought a pram. A very very cute pram. She won’t go in it. I don’t like her going in it and she doesn’t like sitting in it! I had to get one of the girls to push so I could hold her hand! And on the recent Liverpool trip we pushed the pram around with the bags in it whilst I carried Oona (or chased her!) Rather knackering!

So I am now a woman on a mission to find a wrap or papoose or ring sling or SOMETHING that I can carry miss Oona and not wreck my back. (And we just won’t talk about the fact that I have two prams and two baby carriers that we don’t use!) Shhhhh! Don’t tell Mister Bridge! I will blog my findings! 🙂

But please read this particular blog as a FIVE STAR rating for the baby Connecta. *sniff

**I wasn’t paid a bean to write this, glowing review of the Connecta by the way**

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