Liverpool Maritime Museum

Here you go! Some out of focus shots at Liverpool Maritime Museum!

We went to the Liverpool Museum briefly too, I think a couple of them were taken there!

I am thinking of asking Santa for either a camera or a phone with a decent camera for Chrimbo…my photography is ridiculous!

Anyway, we were at a loose end last Sunday so me, the kids and our friends James and Lucy with her daughters Olivia and Aurelia went along to the museums which are at Liverpool Dock, or should I say Albert Dock? Anyway there’s so much to see we need to go back and finish the Liverpool Museum and go to the rest of the (mostly free) attractions. I parked at the Dock itself so my parking was £8 for just four hours (ouch!) but Lucy parked further away and got hers cheaper.

We arrived and the first thing that happened after parking was that some tourists with cameras asked us if we would go on the merry-go-round and let them take some pictures of us! So we all went on for free! Oona in my arms in a carriage and the children on a beautiful golden plumed horse each! It was Oona’s first ride and James took some pictures of us.

We then found Lucy and went to eat our packed lunches on a bench outside whilst I tried to pin Oona who seemed desperate to dive in the Dock! The kids all paid a quid to squash a penny (with an imprint of a boat) then promptly lost them as always!

Then we went into the Maritime Museum. It was really good actually, I was fully prepared for it to be very tedious but there were large glass display cabinets full of items seized by customs such as counterfeit goods, monkey skulls, crocodile shoes, ivory tusks, ‘drugs’ (I have a feeling those packets might’ve been empty!) and there was a rather cool display of some padding a woman had worn under her clothes which she had packed with drugs to smuggle them through and obviously she had been caught and the padding was on display.

The kids weren’t particularly bothered by the contents of the display boxes, despite my attempts at ‘educating-on-the-go’. Every time I started to try and explain, they just ran off, Oona in close pursuit! They had a whale of a time!

Below are mixed up out of focus shots of the film/cinema area of Liverpool Museum (the Chinese dragon, the dress up shots etc) followed by some pictures of them in a real ‘captain’s bunk’ from inside the pretend ship. The dark, fuzzy pictures where all the kids have the spooky red eyes (ha ha) are of the galleon. It’s pretty good, the place it done up to look like they are in a real, old fashioned ship. Someone had cordoned it off but my kids just bobbed underneath in order to fully experience life as a swabbie!













Part of the reason they are all out of focus is because I was running as I was taking them! Oona NEVER stops!

We did have a REAL trauma though. We got 3/4 of the way round the Maritime museum when all of a sudden Oona started crying. She does have some words. Well she has loads although she doesn’t use them much…but she says ‘bobob’ for boobie and ‘bapbap’ for blanket etc and with this and the fact that she can say ‘THAT!’ very loudly and clearly and has a very straight and insistent pointy-finger which she uses to specify whatever it is she wants, we get along very well…anyway, she started crying so I picked her up but she shrieked and arched her back so I almost dropped her. I asked her did she want boobie? did she want water? an apple? was something hurting? etc etc and the more minutes passed and the more questions I asked her the more hysterical she got. She was on the floor (which was one of those awful scratchy industrial carpets) rolling about, legs kicking, arms flailing. I thought she was going to carpet burn her face or bump her head. It was AWFUL! I’ve never seen her like it! In the end Lucy suggested it might be that we were in the basement and she was overstimulated (artificial lighting etc) so I struggled to carry her with her throwing herself all over the place in my arms (to the bemusement of lots of old ladies) and we left the place, going up and outside into the daylight. Where she started scrambling through my handbag desperately looking for something. And it dawned on me that ‘bapbap’ was missing!
I said, “Bapbap? You are looking for Bapbap?” and Oona collapsed into little hiccuppy sobs as she was so relieved I finally understood! So I left the children with Lucy and James and I took Oona back down to the basement in search of the blanket. I had to reassure her that we would find it but each corner we turned in the maze that is the Maritime museum, the less hope I held out for finding it. She had calmed right down at the start of the search but she, like me was realising that Bapbap wasn’t to be found and she was starting to cry, gently by the time we had finished searching and decided to try the Information Desk.

As we walked up to the desk it was Oona that saw the blanket first, on the counter top behind the staff. She reached out and said “Mime bapbap” and the man picked it up and said “Is this yours?!” and she took it from him and kissed it 5000 times!

So all was well. Bapbap was safe, Oonie was happy and I was a relieved Mama because all is well in the World when your baby is contentedly thumb sucking with her blanket in the papoose!


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  1. September 11, 2014 at 11:41 pm

    The museum sounds like a great option for a day out (if I’m ever in Liverpool). Poor little one having lost her blanket though! It must be so hard for them not being able to communicate (and it’s obviously hard on the parents too). Sounds like you handled it well though, despite the grumpy old ladies watching. I’m glad it was found and all was well in the end!

  2. September 25, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    We love the Maritime Museum, Liverpool is a great option for an inexpensive day out. So glad you managed to work out what Oona needed, it’s awful when they can’t tell you, and that she and Bapbap were reunited. Thanks for linking up with #WHWH

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