Our plans: making plans with your kids

This is how I’ve organised our plans for the last 6 months.

I saw a thread on a home education group about how to share plans with the children and this is how I do it. This is a piece of flip chart paper, taped to the living room door. I split it down the middle and as you can see on each side there are two weeks. This is because they get their spending money every two weeks in cash in a pay-packet for jobs they do around the house (shall I do another blog on this?) So at the bottom of each fortnight you can see it says ‘payday’.

This method is fantastic because there’s enough space for me to write in big letters, there’s enough space for the kids to be able to write on it in their larger handwriting. We use coloured pens, we draw pictures, we write what we like because if we don’t like it we can also cross it out! When our friends come over and we are talking about when we’re going to meet next, one of the kids goes to get a felt-tip and the Mummies come up with a date and the kids write it on. Simple and bloody brilliant if I do say so myself!!


The children get up at 6.30am and I don’t. They wait til the OK to wake clock turns green and they go downstairs and watch TV. They take it in turns to use the remote. You will see in pale blue the letters EILEIL all the way down next to the days of the week: that’s the rota. The person whose remote day it is also gets to let the chickens out! You see? I’m not just a pretty face!

I chose the start of a new sheet to take the picture for this post so that you only see the standard stuff (it’s a new sheet so all the private stuff and the crossings out haven’t happened yet) this is just the stuff we don’t mind sharing like Alison the tutor and swimming lessons…

Have a go! Share your plan-making with your kids! 🙂



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