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My kids get pocket money. Do yours? How do you do it?

My kids are little and they get all their clothes and everything they need bought for them…I don’t want to be spoiling them rotten buying them toys every five minutes…but at the same time I wanted to teach them about saving up, I wanted to give them a little autonomy and I also wanted to pay them to do jobs around the house. It all started with Elizabeth asking me if she could get a paper round. As you know, she’s only nine so that’s not something I can say yes to so I said if she did a few jobs for me then I would pay her for them.


I decided though, because I was only going to give them a small amount of money, I wanted to give it fortnightly. This way they wouldn’t just be getting a couple of quid on a Friday and going to spend it on sweets or one of those over-priced junk magazines in the supermarket.  So if you check out Our Plans sheet you will see it is split into two fortnightly blocks that end on pay-day: Friday. They all have the opportunity to earn the same amount of money, but usually they end up with varying amounts because they choose whether or not to do the work.


Elizabeth’s jobs:

Piano practice: 1/2 hour a day 10p a day (so £1 for the fortnight)

Guitar practice: 1/2 hour a day 10p a day (so £1 for the fortnight)

Puts the kitchen binbag out in the wheelie bin (£1 per fortnight)

Puts her own washing in the washer and drier, folds and puts away (with my help) £2 per fortnight

Homework for Alison (there’s two lots) (£5 per fortnight)


Leon’s jobs

Takes Oona’s just changed nappies to the bin for me (£1 per fortnight)

Takes the empty cups to the kitchen from the living room (£1 per fortnight)

Piano practice (£1 per fortnight)

Puts his own washing in the washer and drier, folds and puts away (with my help) £2 per fortnight

Homework for Alison (2 lots) (£5 per fortnight)


Imogen’s jobs

Gets sleepsuits and changes of clothes for Oona for me when needed (£1 per fortnight)

Piano practice (£1 per fortnight)

Guitar practice (£1 per fortnight)

Does her own washing, drying and putting away (£2 per fortnight)

Homework for Alison (2 lots) (£5 per fortnight)


They get a little cash envelope with their jobs listed, how much they could have earned and how much they did earn written on and then after arguing with me about why Imogen has ended up with the most money (my most industrious and business-savvy kid) they Sellotape their money to a piece of coloured cardboard which they have stuck on the wall so it is really visible. They often go through the Argos or ToysrUs catalogue and cut a picture out of what they are saving up for and that gets stuck on as well!






You have to be careful when sellotaping fivers as they rip easily!!!

We’ve been doing this about six months now, it’s something that has worked brilliantly because they can see how much they have earned and it spurs them on. At first I didn’t think I should pay them to help me, but then after talking with Paul we decided it might instil a work-ethic whilst also teaching them the value of money. A few weeks ago Imogen left her scooter behind the car and Paul accidentally reversed over it. It was totalled. I consoled her but said I wouldn’t replace it as she should have put it away. She decided to replace it herself, but bought a cheaper one than the one that was broken! She has also put it away since!


I would like to set them up with a bank account, but wonder whether to wait a little longer…they do say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!




  3 comments for “Pocket money

  1. September 7, 2014 at 8:01 pm

    This is genius! I’ve just been reading your post about your calendar as well and am feeling rather disorganised in comparison! My eldest is five, do you think that is too young to introduce a pocket money for jobs regime?! He is just not motivated by star charts!

    • Mel Bridge
      September 7, 2014 at 8:21 pm

      Absolutely! Leon is five. First of all get him to pick a small toy out of the argos catalogue, cut it out and stick it to a bright piece of paper or card. Write his name on in big letters, the spanglier the better. For the first one do it for a week and make the things you want him to do quite easy, so he can get his pennies quite quickly. He needs lots of success at first and to get the toy quite quickly. I usually order it on Amazon and they pay me but I live out in the sticks. It would probably be better if he could take his own money to the toy shop himself. You can gradually reduce the money or increase the jobs as he grows and understands x

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