Skipton Castle 17th August

A trip to Skipton and we arrived to find there was a re-enactment group there! Woo hoo!





Oona seriously gave us a run for our money!







We used to arrive and have a quiet brew whilst the kids ran aroung the courtyard, then we would venture out for a wander around whilst the kids ran around us. We would be arm in arm, almost alone because the bigger kids are independent and fully engaged in whatever…be it picking up acorns and spinning jennies or running on the grass, or exploring the castle. Things are different now we have our little whirlwind though! We took her pram because she is too heavy for me to carry in the papoose now. She was happy in there until we arrived when of course she wanted to go exploring! She constantly challenges herself by climbing on the walls, and running away from us. We were totally knackered! OAPs the both of us!

The Re-enactors of Historia Normannis were brilliant! They died and died and died again on the battle-field! They charged a quid for six goes of the bow and arrow (and their instruction was pants) but the kids loved it!

Keep your eyes peeled for Skipton Castle events, they are always brilliant! And check out my previous post: Skipton Castle in the Sunshine!


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