Blueberry training pants

We got a delivery today!!
Blueberry training pants! Hooray! They are the cutest squishiest most gorgeous reusable little pull up pants you ever did see! We got ours from Kingdom of fluff. Laura is totally brilliant at returning calls and answering questions and because I’ve ordered from her before and put in an order of goodness knows how many pairs of pants this time, she threw in an extra pair!

I have done something called ‘elimination communication’ with Oona on and off since she was about 20 weeks old. It basically means watching your child for signs that they need to ‘go’ and offering them the opportunity to go on the potty or toilet instead of their nappy. You can also offer opportunities when they are not communicating their need to go, such as after a nap or after a feed and if you make a little cue noise (I say psss psss) then eventually when you make the noise they will do as you have asked and go. Pretty cool eh?


I started it because she had a bit of constipation one day and she was lying there struggling to poo, with her nappy and sleep-suit on, lying down and I just thought this is madness! I sat her up, she still struggled so i took her into the ensuite and held her over the loo. In the squat position she managed to poo just fine so from that point on, whenever I saw that she wanted a poo I took her to the toilet to do it. When I took her I made grunty noises with her so that she would associate the noise with the action and for quite a few months if she needed to go she would make a grunting noise and I would take her. I didn’t change a soiled nappy for about 3 months. Then she started crawling and our success rate plummeted and finally walking at ten months meant that I stopped being able to catch them. She was far too busy to be concerned about poos! Mums who EC call this stage a ‘potty pause’. We had this for AGES with the added problem that now she was used to going nappy free a lot of the time, she would get herself undressed at every opportunity and wee on the carpet!


This was when I started to think about an alternative to nappies. I didn’t want to go down the cloth nappy route, I had already tried some cloth nappies and they gave her a rash, also I found them really bulky both to lug about in the changing bag and also under her clothes, I just wanted something to use in the house for when she was pottering around to save the carpets. After chatting to Laura I decided to go for the Blueberry trainer. They hold one wee without leaking (but you do have to change straight away or they will start to leave a wet patch) they feel wet when wet (as opposed to disposable pull-ups which wick the urine away so fast that baby hardly realises they’ve weed at all!) and they are cute as ANYTHING! Here’s a link to the pants with beautiful stock photos! My action shots are below!

Oona likes opening her own parcels!
She can pull them down herself, but is generally happy to keep them on. She had wet these, which is why she was pulling them off.
















You can see how lovely they fit! You can eat biscuits in them, make a brew with them on, do climbing and watching telly, wee in them, pull them off, pull them up, pull them down…and they have such wicked designs! They are available in pretty pinks but Oona really likes the bolder colours. Her favourites are the brown dino pants and the elephants 🙂


PS I wasn’t paid to write this review, I’ve ordered lots of times from Kingdom of Fluff and Laura did send me a free pair of Blueberry Training Pants as a Thank you for writing the review…but as you can see I was happy to purchase a million pairs at full price because they are super cute!

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