Christmas shop-along: Leon age 5

I follow quite a few crochet blogs and they are always doing CALs which are Crochet-a-longs where the blogger crochets a blanket or something and their readers crochet the same thing and share their results…I’ve decided to do a Christmas shop-a-long! So if you are buying for a five year old boy, feel free to add your purchases to the bottom in the comments section and we can shop together! I’ll edit this post as I go!

This is Leon:



Leon is a creative kid, he loves action figures, he loves the new Flash series which he watches religiously every week with his Dad, he loves to make things (and destroy things) he loves playing out and riding his bike and his go-kart at ridiculous speeds down the cul-de-sac…he likes to play with the girls so he has a ‘Kristof’ doll so he can be the boy when the girls play ‘Frozen’, he has Action Men who like to rescue the Barbies by climbing on the top of the Barbie house and breaking in. He loves dressing up and has a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit, Spider Man, Batman, Pirates etc… so whilst he loves lots of things, he also has rather a lot of things and to be honest I’ve struggled a bit to think of good presents for him this year.


The first thing I went for was a sewing box. A sewing box?! Yep. This is because I set the girls up with sewing boxes about six months ago and when they get them out he always comments that he hasn’t got one. He doesn’t really want a girly basket so I found this lunch bag on Amazon:


and I’ve put some things in it that are sewing-related such as a bodkin needle, a proper sewing needle, a size 5 crochet hook (red, his favourite colour) some red scissors and a French Knitting doll, shaped like a bee. I felt that this will show him that sewing needn’t be girly and that he can join in with the girls on an equal footing if he wants to. It cost me about £20 to get the little bag and then fill it with the bits and bobs.


The next gift I thought of was a tool-box. When I was in organisation-mode, at the end of August I had a man come to put some shelves in the garage and Leon didn’t leave the poor fellow alone! He was a little shadow, collecting off cuts of wood and pretending to nail them together etc. I thought about getting a tool kit then but never did, so it got added to the Christmas List!


This is the tool box I ordered:


and I bought these tools:


which are from the Hope Education Catalogue, so they are for use in School. They arrived and I was a little bit intimidated that they are ‘proper’ tools, just smaller, for children’s hands…so he will require supervision I think with this as it isn’t really a toy! I also ordered sand paper, a hand drill and drill bits as well as some spare blades for the saws. All from Hope Education if you fancy having a look. I asked on Freegle for some bolsar wood off-cuts and if I get no joy there, I am going to go along to the timber merchants down the road and see what they’ve got.


Another gift he has asked for is a ‘Ninja’ outfit as he has recently started karate. I was looking at this one:



he likes it as his favourite colour is red…and it also comes with loads of weapons so it’s a gift that just keeps on giving for Leon!


I will be ordering this last item in about five minutes so I will update on the quality etc and with more gifts as I buy them.

If you think of anything cool PLEASE let me know!




  2 comments for “Christmas shop-along: Leon age 5

  1. The Uncheshire wife
    November 15, 2014 at 11:19 pm

    Oh I love your collection so far, I miss buying toys for my boy, teens want boring stuff, haha x

  2. November 16, 2014 at 9:23 am

    Lovely idea Mel. Tris has his birthday at the beginning of December so I am all about that at the moment! He has a sudden love of Peppa Pig which is adorable – I think it’s in protest at all the Dr Who/quiz shows his big bro makes him watch! He wants a Peppa Pig house so that’s what he’s getting as well as a space rocket and some other bits.
    Christmas – well he hasn’t put an order in yet with the big man so I will keep you posted!

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