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Home education is marvellous in every way, but I won’t lie to you it can be tricky to ensure that all the kids needs get met. I liken it to spinning plates (in a circus style not in the throwing them at the wall style!!) I usually have at least two spinning, one wobbling and maybe one falling! Usually it takes a bit of re-evaluation on my part, a bit of tweaking to the routine, a bit less or more structure or perhaps time out completely. It ALWAYS involves more cuddles especially for the wobbly plate!


This time the person who is the wobbly plate is Miss Oona. Toddlers are tricky customers because you just get them balanced and wobble free and they have another development leap and there they are wibble wobbling again!


When the other children were Oona’s age I did a lot more toddler activities with them. We did Rhythm Time, Toddler Groups, Toddler Gym and everything else but Oona has to go along with the older children to their, more grown-up activities which often means she is in the sling whilst they are doing whatever it is they are engaged with. Recently though we went to Runamok play centre and Oona was up on the top (very high) play frame with the big kids and sliding down the big bumpy slide. We went to our home education group and to the park afterwards and again Oona was on the slide and charging about like a pro! And she slept through both nights!!! THROUGH! ALL NIGHT! So I reckon it’s time to do more toddler specific stuff.


I spent the morning ringing toddler group after toddler group a) to check that they were still up and running (the online lists are crazily out of date and b) to ask if pretty please can the older children come along and quietly read a book or do their crochet or a bit of learning whilst Oona has her much needed toddler time. You’d be amazed at the amount of no’s I got!

Anyway, I’ve managed to sort out two activites and we are going to try them out next week! Hooray!

The first is ‘Icky Sticky Kids’ in Hebden Bridge which is on a Tuesday morning. Nichola was really keen to have me bring Oona and actually home educates her little boy who comes along to the sessions so she was pleased he would have some company with my big kids 🙂 Hopefully we will be able to create art activities for the older children to run alongside Oona’s toddler-mess!

The second class I’ve organised is Baby Hip Hop (yes, you read that right! ha ha) on  Wednesday mornings. It is five minutes away from our home ed friend’s house and she has kindly offered a play-date for the older ones so I can take Oona on my own.


Can’t wait to see what next week brings! Maybe more nights sleeping through? And Oona a happier little person because her needs are being met a bit better.


What do you do with your little ones?




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