Christmas Shop-along: Elizabeth age 9

I follow quite a few crochet blogs and they are always doing CALs which are Crochet-a-longs where the blogger crochets a blanket or something and their readers crochet the same thing and share their results…I’ve decided to do a Christmas shop-a-long! So if you are buying for an nine year old girl, feel free to add your purchases to the bottom in the comments section and we can shop together! I’ll edit this post as I go!

Elizabeth is incredibly organised. I had her Christmas list in October. Problem is, I started buying it in October and the cheeky minx keeps adding to it, so this clever kid has got a very full Santa sack this year!


First item in the bag:

A camera



This one is pretty cool, you can switch the shell so it is different colours, plus it has apparently got a good video recording function on it…and Imogen needs Elizabeth to film her for her ‘Midge: As it is’ Youtube channel that she is starting in the New Year.


Elizabeth is afraid of the dark so she keeps her bedroom door open so that the bathroom light shines into her room. This causes a problem in the morning however when the other children get up and wake her because they make a racket on the landing. I thought of this:

A funky grown-up night light that she can plug in so that she will be able to keep her bedroom door closed and hopefully sleep through the other children waking up and going downstairs 🙂



She asked for the Beano Annual and the Guinness Book of World Records (this has been a yearly request for about three years now!)

Elizabeth is a spend-thrift, unable to resist a cute cuddly animal in a gift shop to save her life so has been saving up for a purple password journal for a million years. I have talked to her about the fact that it is hideously ridiculous that the purple one is a tenner more expensive than the pink one, but she desperately wants it to be purple so Santa is reluctantly adding this to the bag.

Another item I’ve bought is an MP3 player and speaker:


Elizabeth is really hard on electronic gear, so I went for items I thought would be simple to use and the cheaper end of the market. These two together were £30 and there’s 8g of storage on the MP3 player, so I didn’t think that was bad.

She’s wanted one of these for ages:


although I am slightly concerned that the flashing lights might be dis-regulating for her sensory processing disorder (there are a lot of red and orange lights in it and this seems to be a trigger colour)…I thought we would give it a try, and I will limit her usage time.

I’ve ordered her a set of crochet hooks and bought a very pretty diary with a lock from Tesco (shame on Tesco assuming only girls want a lockable diary! Had to order one without pink puppies on it from Amazon for Leon)

I have bought her this desk:



Elizabeth likes reading and crafting and when I can get her to do schoolwork she needs total peace and quiet. My thinking is if I put this little desk in her room it might enable her to have the quiet she needs to get something done!

Well that’s it for now, I might be back to update this if I get time before the big day! If you think of any good idea let me know in the comments below!





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