Christmas Shop-along: Oona 17 months

I follow quite a few crochet blogs and they are always doing CALs which are Crochet-a-longs where the blogger crochets a blanket or something and their readers crochet the same thing and share their results…I’ve decided to do a Christmas shop-a-long! So if you are buying for a two year old girl, feel free to add your purchases to the bottom in the comments section and we can shop together! I’ll edit this post as I go!


Oona likes toys that are quite grown-up for her age. She loves home-making, and has a kitchen, a baby, a pram etc. She also loves small world play so when I have looked for presents for her I’ve looked at age 2-5 gifts so definitely pre-schooler rather than toddler. She is also a telly-addict. Her favourites are ‘Elmo in Grouchland’, ‘The Furchester Hotel (CBeebies), Monsters’ Inc. and Toy Story. She likes to sit in the crook of her Daddy’s arm, thumb in, blanket clutched tightly in her hand. With me she likes milk and her favourite books read to her. She particularly loves Gruffolo’s child and Tiger who Came to tea 🙂

So…her gifts!

I went for an Elmo toy


Some Julia Donaldson Cds


My sis is buying her a shopping trolley so I thought this till and shopping basket would really add to the play value of the trolley. (Also, the older kids play with Oona and although they are a bit old for this kind of play, if there is a role for each of them they will play along for Oona and they secretly have a great time) 81DPO+m5S8S._SL1500_71x-r5bOpyL._SL1000_


In case you were wondering, they sent red!

I also bought her some female figures for Leon’s bat cave which are yet to arrive, see my bat cave hack here.)

A  little tykes slide is on it’s way, it is supposed to fold but two of the reviewers on Amazon said they couldn’t make it fold up…so lets hope it does, or it will have to go back!

And my pièce de résistance:


Imaginext Monsters University Scare Factory Playset! Woohoo! A bat cave for the kid that loves fluffy monsters! You will notice there is no Boo…I spent half the day looking at various packs of figures to add so that she could have a Boo and also so there’s enough people for one or more of the other kids to play too (I think Leon might like this).

$_1 download

Once again you will see there’s a disappointing amount of girl characters, but that’s the film’s fault not Fisherprice in this instance! There was a ‘Roz’ available to buy, but she was in a pack with duplicate characters so I thought I would try and get her as a loose second hand figure on eBay.

I also went a bit mad and got this:


but that’s mostly because those yellow men are hilarious!

Have fun shopping!






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