Icky Sticky Kids in Hebden Bridge

We went along to Icky Sticky kids last week, and we had a blast!
Oona went in her training pants and kept them dry, Woohoo! and whilst she was quite careful and considered in her play, preferring to play in the water than the messy stuff, Leon went mad and came home looking like he’s been an extra in a Hammer Horror movie!

The hall was set up with different areas for the children to explore. There was the sand,

Imogen and Leon in the sand!

The PAINT! 🙂

Leon went a bit crazy with the red paint!

The water play

IMG_2909 IMG_2910 IMG_2912




There was a tunnel and tent:



play dough, and a large bowl of rice pudding which I steered Oona away from due to her dairy allergy. Nichola offered to take it away, but I figured I could easily supervise her and I would rather educate Oona than have her avoid risk entirely so I said no, leave the pudding where it was. I just told Nichola and some of the other parents that Oona had allergies.


We had a brilliant time and we will be back! Would definitely recommend if you live locally!


Icky Sticky Kids Website



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