Dressing up

Oona loves to dress up and I’m encouraging it. Taking off her own clothes and putting on loose fitting dressing up clothes which have elasticated waist bands and are easy to get on and off are a fantastic way to teach independence. It helps with pottying because of course pulling pants up and down is a necessary step!

Despite Oona’s young age, she gets a lot out of dressing up and loves the process of taking clothes on and off, but at this stage she isn’t so interested in how she looks or indeed what she is dressed up as so it is less about the enjoyment that comes with representing herself as someone else, more about the challenge of doing something independently. She is improving her physical dexterity and learning new words as she does it. She says ‘up’ and ‘down’ as she pulls her pants up and down. She can shout ‘off!’ if she is struggling to get out of an outfit and really enjoys the attention she gets when she has on an outfit and dances around the living room!  I’m looking forward to the moment she starts wanting to ‘be’ different characters and starts true ‘make believe’ by interacting with others as the character she has chosen. She already role plays as a mother, breastfeeding her baby and putting her to bed (then throwing her on the floor when she’s had enough…she’s not learned that from me, honestly!!)

Here she is dressing as ‘Woody’





‘Bap-bap’ the blanket is always involved!




and as a pretty little ladybird-princess-fairy type person…with a Buzz mask 😉


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