I’ve been wanting to write a review on Maths-Whizz for a few weeks but since we got it in October the children and I have been ill with one thing after another, we’ve had Christmas and now my internet is at best intermittent (Come on BT get your act together)! I ideally wanted the children to have been using it regularly so I could talk to you about progression however I will come back and do another review in a month or so and update you on that separately!

We’ve been home educating for four years or something now and we go through phases of doing things in a structured way and then revert back to the tried and tested fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda way…but I always try and keep on top of Maths and English because everything else seems to look after itself pretty well with all the reading and talking we do in our house!

Over the years I have used Maths-Whizz a few¬†times and always end up coming back to it. The first good reason to use them is they offer a free online assessment. But it doesn’t just finish up with a year group, Maths Whizz gives you a Maths AGE. You also receive a detailed report via email which explains where your child is excelling and where they need a little more help.

The next great reason to use Maths Whizz is that after the assessment you receive five free lessons which are tailored to your child’s needs. The exercises are set up so that the child receives a very short animated lesson and then gets to practice this new knowledge by completing 10 short games. At the end of this there is a little assessment to see if they ‘got’ it and then the child gets a payment in ‘credits’ as reward for getting to the end. The payment can be used in the Whizz ‘Study’ where the child can buy pets, decorations for their room or pay to play arcade-type games (which are still Mathematics based).

I also like that as the parent I receive email updates on the children’s progress (or one time Imogen’s lack of it!) we had been using the programme for a few weeks when I got an email showing that despite spending 40 minutes working over the week, Imogen was not making the progress they would expect as she was getting the answers wrong in the test. Confused I went to ask her what was happening and she said she just clicked any answer in the test because she didn’t think that bit was of any consequence! Ha ha! So I explained that it was there to see if she understood and now she does the test nicely and she has made loads of progress all of a sudden! Without that email I would’ve been unaware as to what was going on.

Another thing it that on some online learning sites there are lots of games which means that I think the children are learning when in fact they are playing! On there are lots of games and sections of the site where you can feed your pet animal and redecorate the study with different wallpaper etc but this is not recorded by the system as learning time so when I get the email it tells me how much time they actually spent learning. This is great because I pay their pocket money into their Go Henry Account based on jobs they do for me around the house and whether they have done their learning for the week.

Since starting Maths-Whizz all the children have progressed in their Maths age, despite the fact that our internet has been down since Chrimbo AND they obviously did nothing over the Christmas fortnight. So I am really chuffed and impressed with it!

I would totally recommend.


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