Stain Devils by Dr Beckmann review

When I got asked to review Dr Beckmann’s Stain Devils stain removal products I laughed. I almost said no. I am a terrible housewife, I either have a spotless house because I’ve spent the week doing nothing but chase the kids and hubby round picking up dropped items, returning them to their homes and generally cleaning behind them (shovelling snow in a blizzard springs to mind) or I sit on my bottom and crochet and read books with the kids and generally be lazy. I am NOT a woman who can do it all. My once monthly tidy house does indeed coincide with my grumpy PMTishness … but even the tidy house does not extend to my laundry room. NOT ever. Well maybe once a year. But pretty much not ever.

I do wash clothes, but we have a lot of them because the kids complain they’ve no socks but frankly it’s easier to pick up some socks in the supermarket than get to the bottom of my often knee deep pile of washing!

So I wash clothes then if I didn’t forget about them (in which case they go all smelly and have to be rewashed) I then get them out of the washer and without reading any labels I stick 95% of it in the drier. I then fold it, put the socks in the sock box for next time one of the children cheeks me (the punishment is often sock-pairing) and put the clothes away.

Then the kids get the clothes out of the drawer and if they are stained they go back in the wash. I’m afraid there isn’t a system for noticing an item of clothing is stained apart from when we are going to Grandma’s and I say “Go change, that top has sauce on it”. So stained clothes probably get washed 1500 times before they are eventually sent to the charity shop because either they are threadbare or the kids have grown out of them!

So…I got sent Dr Beckmann’s Stain Devils.  I’d love to tell you that it’s changed my life and I’ve removed all the stains from our clothes and then show you pictures of my immaculate laundry room but I am ashamed to say I am exactly the same as before.

My sofa however is NOT!

I have an Ikea Ektorp Sofa with removable cushions and it’s great because when the covers get marked I can wash them. Now my laundry room is a mess, but that’s a secret, but I like my house looking nice! So the covers do get a wash when they need it and after the Christmas break boy! did they need it! Go on, I’ll bare all and show you!

Looks OK from a distance, right?


I’d love to tell you that this is where Oona sits…but it isn’t, it’s where I sit! There’s two accidents there. One: I got slightly inhebriated when I drank wine the other night and dark chocolate was involved; Two: I tripped over my laptop wire (totally sober) and spilt my tea!



OK so I am ashamed, don’t judge me, please!

Stain Devils to the rescue!


Some of them are a powder that you sprinkle on the stain (such as the tea one) and some are a liquid (like the chocolate.



This was the stain after five minutes.


After ten minutes.

I used a toothbrush and clean water to scrub the area gently

Half an hour later! Stains are gone, quick rinse in my washer and the job’s done!

I’ll never be a domestic goddess, but at least my chair covers are clean!


PS I received the Dr Beckmann products free of charge for review purposes and the opinions are my own.

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  1. Elayne
    January 14, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    Thank you Mel, it is great to have a honest opinion

    • Mel Bridge
      January 21, 2015 at 12:16 am

      Ha ha you are welcome! Xx

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