Weebles Dapple the Horse review

Look who got some post this morning!



Jumping for joy and shaking the packet, this kid knows what a parcel is!IMG_3224.JPG


Don’t look at my kitchen floor! Oona opens her parcel!



What is it? What is it?



It’s only a Weebles Dapples the Horse character!!!



She was pretty chuffed with him

We have been selected to review one of the Weebledown Farm wobbly characters: ‘Dapples the Horse’. (RRP £4.99)
It comes with a super cute little base with a fence which will connect together with any other wobbly characters we decide to purchase in the future. Here he is in the Happy Land world we made this morning! Doesn’t he look great?


You can see he is sat on the base that he came with, those little clips fasten this base with any others to make a meadow full of farm yard animals. You can buy Fluffy the Sheep, Rusty the Rooster, Nugget the Chicken aswell as a cute dog, pig and moo cow! There’s a farm Mill and barn, a tractor…10 products in all ranging from £4.99 to £29.99

He’s just waiting at the station for the train…

There he is, sitting on the train…unfortunately the driver seems to have fallen off but that doesn’t faze our Dapple the Horse! No! He’s a seasoned traveller and likes the danger and adventure that happens in the Bridge living room!

After a day in the Bridge house I have to say that the old proverb remains true: Weebles Wobble, but they don’t fall down! Dapples is of lovely quality, no sharp bits, a lovely weight, a shiny paint finish, fits in Oona’s hand perfectly and feels very at home in the Happy Land train!


Would recommend for toddlers aged around 18 months



PS We were sent Dapples the Horse free of charge to review and were happy to do so. All our opinions are our own.


Also…you can balance Dapples on your face…





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