Free Range Chickens

My beautiful garden is no more!!
At this time of year the garden usually looks quite bare (I am low on ever-greens) by Spring things usually start looking a lot better…but honestly I don’t think it has ever looked this bad!
My beautiful chickens soon out-grew their pen and when they ‘escaped’ I wasn’t too fussed, I just let them free range in the garden which wasn’t a problem unless one of the children left the main garden gate open then we were having to rescue them from the neighbouring school field…but all was well until the rain started in earnest in October and now we have mud. MUD sludge and more mud. It is like a bog! The grass is dead, the ground is just full of poop and slippy slidy muddiness:



Sorry my pictures are a bit grainy, but these were taken through the window and it was chucking it down! I think you get the general idea though! I do have a plan (I am always a woman with a plan!) I am getting an aviary made with a high fence all the way around and a door. It will have a concrete base so that it is easily hosed down and when the garden has recovered enough I will let them out to have a good dig around for a couple of hours a day rather than leaving them out from dawn til dusk as we do now.

I’ll keep you posted!


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