Nursies When the Sun Shines and Gro clock

You may recall I’ve been night weaning Oona (for about a year ha ha) and I find that things go very well until she is teething or poorly but then we have to start at the beginning again so I was looking for something that might teach her the concept of the boobies going to sleep and therefore being out of bounds during the night in a more concrete way since she is 18 months now and has a good understanding or the theory behind night time and it going dark and other people (not her of course) sleeping in the night.

On recommendation I bought this absolutely gorgeous book:

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Nursies when the Sun Shines

It is a really gentle way to explain to a small child that it’s dark and we don’t breastfeed when it’s dark. I’ll show you some of the pages:





I love the way it teaches the child to check to see if it is still dark. It also has the Mummy and Daddy co-sleeping, which is something many families do but somehow it never makes it into children’s books.




The author refers to her breasts as ‘nursies’ but I call mine ‘boobies’ so when I read it out I say boobies. If I had heard this word for them before I had children I might’ve called mine ‘nursies’ because I think it is a lovely word.



These last two pages are Oona’s favourite where the sun shines and baby gets her boobie!



The little person in the picture looks so happy and Oona gets a little bit giddy when she sees it!


The only problem I had with this book was the fact that it’s winter-time and when it is morning at the moment the sun doesn’t shine! So what do I do? I can’t tell Oona to look out that window and show her it is dark at 4am and say go back to sleep the boobies are asleep, then at 6.30am show her the still dark night sky and say ‘now it’s morning lets have some milk!’ because that’s just confusing! So I looked for one of those toddler clocks that say when it’s OK to get up. The older children have an OK to wake clock¬†and have had it for YEARS! It’s lovely, easy to set and very visual.



I have wired it onto the banister with picture wire on the landing outside their rooms. It shines a green light at 7am and then they can go down stairs. . . it is a really brilliant little clock, and I nearly bought another for in my room for Oona but I decided to try and find something with a sun on it. After a bit of searching I found the Gro Clock


which as you can see shows a moon and stars until morning when it changes to a sun! Hooray! Now I could show Oona that it was morning despite the fact that it’s pitch black outside! The happy sunshiny face is very rewarding for a small person to see when they have a hungry tummy and a hankering for Mummy milk! I have to say that of the two clocks the OK to Wake clock is much easier to use, I really struggled to understand the instructions for the Gro-clock and thought it was faulty. Luckily the customer service lady was very nice and talked me through it so I can do it now! But I digress…we now have sunshine in the morning and darkness at night and a beautiful book to explain it all!

Wish me luck, won’t you, I think I need it!




  2 comments for “Nursies When the Sun Shines and Gro clock

  1. K Bragdon
    January 28, 2017 at 6:34 am

    Did it help a weaning? I’m considering using it along w Dr Jay Gordon’s method for my 18mo son. He’s extremely smart so I’m 90%sure the stars/Sun association will not only make sense to him but hopefully ease anxiety around how arbitrary my decision-making must seem to him (n o ninny right now 10pm to 5am)

    • Mel Bridge
      February 15, 2017 at 8:15 pm

      It did help, yes. She didn’t understand the dark light thing because it was summer so that messed everything up. For that reason I got the gro clock too.

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