Zelf toy: Review

Imogen was very lucky to receive a Zelf toy through the post to review and she is now enjoying life in the Barbie house!

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Here she is!

Her name is ‘Galexia’ and she is from series 4 of the medium figure range. She is super cute with an open, friendly face. She has chunky little arms and legs and is articulated: her head turns and her arms and legs move so she can sit down and raise her arms.

The tag-line for Zelfs is “Love Your Zelf” and Imogen (8) quickly picked up on (and liked) the play on words and joked that she thought she was wonderful! (My kids have high self-esteems! ha ha) Kids are urged to “love yourzelf and your zelf will give you special powers”

Here she is in a Monster High bed. With photo credits to Imogen:



Enjoying a bubble bath:



Having a little dance in the living room…



What is truly brilliant about this range is that there are both boys and girls available to buy which means my little boy can play with his sisters, and whilst the girls have more typically girly colours (pink, purple) and the boys are more typically boyish (blues, browns, yellows) they are not offensively just pink, they feature other colours and their little personalities (as described on the packet) are not too stereotypical. They all have a ‘zelf power’ such as welcoming, strength, passion, fairness and health…

I love the fact that they are so empowered! They all have these amazing qualities and the message to love yourself and value yourself is every mother’s dream! When you compare these chunky little smiley creatures with the likes of Barbie, an aspirational doll with unattainable looks, unhealthy weight, materialistic ‘shop-til-you-drop’ mentality it is glaringly different! I love that they live in a zen garden and they love each other, but more importantly they love themselves and encourage their little owner to do so too. Positive self-talk is so important!

I’m really impressed with the quality of the figure, the printing is clear, the little pieces (such as the antennae) seem sturdy and the hair, whilst being fuzzy like trolls and Snugglebumms were of my era!! ┬ádon’t seem to moult in the same way!! Oona has had a play with her (she is 19 months) and whilst she no longer really puts things in her mouth, I didn’t notice any moulting with her rather clumsy approach to play!

As usual, Imogen has made a little video of herself opening the pack and meeting Galexia for the first time! Stick with me whilst I wrangle with iPhone/windows 8 compatibility issues!! I can’t seem to get them to be friends: here’s a YouTube link for nowxx



PS we were sent a Zelf figure to review free of charge, our opinions are our own






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