Fast asleep baby

Oona fast asleep

little fast asleep toes

finally asleep

I just love sleeping baby pictures! Especially when the baby is mine !

Oona doesn’t stop! She hardly naps and she doesn’t sleep through, she is a little minx and always up to something! i think she is afraid to miss something. Seeing her asleep is lovely because it means ‘me time’ and ‘me and Paul time’ but it’s also a time when I can really look at her and appreciate her. She is so perfect, so tiny and so pretty! It’s not easy to fully appreciate that sweetness when she is constantly on the move because I am too busy trying to get her to give me the toilet brush, or put down the felt tip pen! 🙂

We have taught her to put herself to sleep by putting her down in her bed awake and then leaving the room quietly, assuring her that we are coming back. If she cries we returned straight away and reassured again until the trust was built and we can now just pop her in her bed and she puts her thumb in and goes right off to sleep. Just have to try and get her to STAY asleep now!


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