Master Model Building at Legoland

We went to Legoland yesterday and whilst we were there we did a Master Model Building workshop.

As is the case with everything at Legoland it was well organised, on time, and the staff member who ran it was super friendly and helpful with a passion for all things lego, brilliant with kids and had a good sense of humour. You can’t ask for more than that really, can you?

Oona decided she wasn’t interested and just wanted to run off and steal people’s bricks so Paul was helping Imogen and poor Leon was abandoned by me so the lovely chap that was running the workshop had to keep helping him along when I wasn’t there for him.

I’ll start at the beginning of the trip because I can’t miss out on the fact that we got the best Professor Brick this visit. We’ve experienced them all and this guy is the most enthusiastic, really throwing himself into the role and high five-ing the kids. He treated Oona like she was a big-kid and she was really chuffed to be accepted and not babied.

Here they are waiting to go through.



The best Professor Brick!




After jumping up and down, the kids have to turn the wheels to make the machine work. And there’s just enough for all the kids!



Here they are pushing the big red button! I forget what that one does! 🙂 I think it might be to cool the bricks…you see the legoo gets made into bricks and then they are cooled in 7 seconds… I shouldn’t know this stuff but I do!



Well anyway after all the excitement of Professor Brick and then the Shooting game and lunch (we ate a packed lunch because we are allergic to everything) the kids had a play on the play-frame and went on the rides whilst Paul and I chatted and drank our brews and then it was time for the Master Model Building. It is set up like a colourful classroom and the person who runs it has a microphone so he can be heard. He then gives everyone the pieces they need to build the item. This time we made space shuttles. The desks are cute because they all have circles cut into them and there are bowls that fit in the holes that contain all the pieces needed to make the items.

You can see at the beginning Oona was helping Paul make his and I had Leon and Elizabeth.



There’s me and Leon! I hadn’t noticed Oona had run off and was trying to steal the pieces from the desk behind me








When you buy an annual pass you get a little card entitling you to free stuff and they used their cards this time to buy their space shuttles (usually £3) which will serve as a reminder of their lovely day.


We all had a really great time at Legoland and I do regularly recommend it to everyone I know with Primary school aged kids.

I said it before it is the staff that make Legoland great. The resources are good, the rides are good and the tea isn’t bad but the staff are warm and smiling and conscientious and kind. It’s immaculately clean and they go out of their way to make sure we have a lovely day. A couple of them even know the children by name because we go probably once a month…

If you haven’t been before and you are in the area get yourselves over there, we really recommend it!

Imogen Vlogged here xx




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