Easter weekend at Skipton Castle

We went to Skipton Castle again this Easter Bank Holiday and as usual we had lots of fun. Things are improving for Paul and I because we can now sit and enjoy a cuppa whilst the kids (all of them) play outside. They run on the grass, climb on the wall and play in the garden.

This is Imogen. She was adamant she would be able to squeeze through that gate and despite my warnings of having to call the fire-brigade when she got stuck, she did indeed squeeze through the gap!

Oona fell on the cobbles (she didn’t fall when playing out without parents in the care of her sisters of course, she fell whilst with me!!) but she grazed her hands and so Daddy put her on his shoulders. This is her looking very unhappy.

We did very well, we had a lovely day but just as we were thinking of leaving it started to rain. By the time we got back to the car the light drizzle was wind-screen-wiper-worthy and we were glad to be going home and congratulating ourselves on our timing.

I noticed recently that I am taking less photos of my beautiful Elizabeth. I think it is because she doesn’t really do attention-seeking or posed stuff any more and I told her this theory so she played along and sat on the cannon for a picture. Here she is looking so grown-up!  See what I mean about the attention seeking posed pictures?! Imogen and Leon are ‘stuck’  he he! 
Kinda wish I had something like this at home so I can get a bit of peace! 🙂

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