Lobster Theodore at Sea Life

We can’t wait to go and meet Theodore (not Thermador) the one-in-a-hundred-million albino lobster at The Sea Life Manchester’s Claws exhibition.
He’s special because due to his lack of melanin he isn’t the usual grey-blue colour of ordinary lobsters meaning of course he isn’t camoflauged against the sea bed. Despite standing out like a sore thumb, this little guy has managed to avoid being eaten by both predators in the sea as well as avoiding the pot since that’s where he was headed when The Sea Life Centre saved him!
In the picture – Andy Hill, aquarist and Theodore the albino lobster at Sea Life Manchester.

The Sea Life Centre is already very educational, and Theodore will be used as another great teaching tool where with his unique discolouration he’ll be a great talking point as part of the Claws exhibition.

We are excited to go and see it, and will update you as soon as we do!



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