Lucky Hens: Pecking order

My lovely lucky hens are falling out! There’s been a bit of fighting in the coop. ‘Pecking order’ is a saying which is linked to chickens and their strong tendency towards pecking each other silly when establishing who’s boss. The thing is though, once the boss is established they then have to squabble about who is next in line and next, and next!

My big girls are stronger than the newbies but on day one my lead girl, Mako had the top couple of mm of her comb pecked off and it bled and bled! I had to separate her from the others until I knew she was ok.


I’m going for distraction in a big way!

I’m feeding them separately, the original flock, my older girls, are over one side with their pellets.

  Whilst my new girls have their mash over the other side completely.

Nosey clucky came over to see what I was doing! She looks soooo much healthier than the new girls!

So far they’ve ignored this! It’s a ‘hentastic Chick Stick in Cinnamon and Spice flavour. I was hoping they would peck this instead of each other!

These have been a big hit, I’m going to order some more, they were a fiver for five from eBay and not much fits in them but it makes it possible to put bits of food and water all around the enclosure. There might be circles of cooked carrot in one, sweet potato mash in another, left over meat in another, water in another, pellets in another… You get the idea.

You can see how beautiful and healthy my old girls are!

And nosey 🙂

I just hope they soon settle down because I hate hearing them fight!

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