New to us: Lucky Hens!

As regular readers will know, one of our much loved chooks, Zig died last week. The children were very upset and we had to have a lot of discussion about battery hens and about the fact that our chickens come here to retire, they are not young, healthy girls, they are already pretty used up when they arrive.

Well to help them with their grieving process I decided to go along to Lucky Hens Wigan on their last rehoming day and rescue some more.  I wish I’d have taken pictures, but I had Oona in my arms, and two big cardboard banana boxes to hold the chickens as well as mash for them to eat… so I took pictures when we got home instead.

  Meet Doris (blue band, belonging to Imogen) Grace (purple band belonging to Elizabeth

  Gladys has the pale green band and belongs to Oona and the girl in the foreground has a red band (although you can’t see it) her name is ‘Beakers’ and she belongs to Leon.

 As you can see, Elizabeth’s Grace is in the best of health and poor Doris isn’t looking too great at the moment. We have been putting Oona’s old botty cream on their bare bits (bottoms and tummies) and have already had some fights break out between the new girls and our original flock so their combs have been greased up with vaseline. They were liberally sprayed with anti-peck stuff at the rescue centre but unfortunately it just served to stink the car out, rather than repel my big girls’ advances!

I’ll keep you posted as to how they get on and update you with pictures as they start coming back to health.


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