Wild flowers packs sent from kew

Ooooh the excitement! I’d forgotten I’d registered for these wild flower seeds from Kew Gardens but they arrived on Friday!

I’ve got ‘Greenthumb’ coming this Friday to fix the grass that my naughty hens ruined so I will be asking them for advice on which bit of garden to put these in! We have a bit of shared land on the cul-de-sac so I will get my sprogs and the neighbours’ if they fancy it and we will plant some pretty flowers and attract some bees and butterflies!!


I’ve asked my neighbour’s permission to plant them in the shared parking area, against the fence. The grass grows over long and it gets a few nettles there since neither of us bother to mow the area so this seems like the perfect place to add some beautiful flowers. I will update you with pictures when the children get going!



PS If you would like to register for a seed kit for your community pop over to this link and bookmark it so that you can return in Autumn to register x

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