Desperately in search of…

My friend has recently set up a shop selling all kinds of vintage items. I immediately asked her to find these for me:

My Mum has the green Sylvac dog, it’s the big one that she has and I would love one too. Her’s got broken years ago but I’ve always loved it and coveted it so I always search them out on my travels but have only ever come across small brown ones like this:

sylvac terrier 1378 brown

I could try to search online, but there are a lot of fake Sylvac items out there and a genuine, large green terrier would set me back over a hundred quid so I wouldn’t want to risk being ripped off.

The second item above is an anniversary clock. My Great Grannie had one on her mantle-piece for many years and I can remember going to her house for sausages and chips and she used to make me a rice pudding in an individual ramekin dish. It always had skin on top and I had a cup of tea in a Royal Albert china cup and saucer like this one:


Anyway, her house was peaceful and I could always hear the clock ticking and the brass balls at the bottom rotated in a hypnotic way…


My childhood had its up and downs as I suppose most people’s did but I get sentimental when I see items that remind me of the good bits. I have a Royal Albert china cup but I really need a green Sylvac dog and an anniversary clock in my life. Now!

What vintage items sum up good things from your childhood?



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  1. Autumn Bear
    May 12, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    My grandma had a pot Sienese cat. Hope you find them

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